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How To Create A Travel Itinerary

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There are three ways to create a travel itinerary: the “old-fashioned” way by entering everything into a file online; virtually, by using one of the many apps that fit quite nicely in the confines of your smartphone or your tablet; or by booking your travel with a professional Travel Advisor who will do all the […]

Best Travel Apps for Business

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Travel smarter for your next work venture with this handy list of our best travel apps for business. Some will save you time, some will save you money and all will save you a headache or two. Plan Tripit (iOS and Android) This one easy way to organize all your travel plans in one place—and […]

Favorite Travel Apps for iPad Mini

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How do I love thee, iPad Mini? Let me count the ways… You’re sleek, portable and pretty powerful—plus you have an amazing suite of apps for just about anything under the sun, including, of course, travel. Here, in no particular order, is a list of some of my favorite travel apps for the iPad Mini. […]