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While vacationing at their timeshare in Cancun, Mexico, Paul and Audrey Williams faced a dilemma no family ever wants to have happen: their five-year old son, Paul Jr., was struck down with a critical illness that demanded immediate repatriation to their home medical providers in Maryland.

Within a matter of hours, SkyMed dispatched a medically-equipped and staffed jet to return the Williams family back home. After Paul Jr. was once again back to being an active five-year-old, Mr. Williams called SkyMed President Will Klein to express his gratitude and update him on his little survivor, asking for applications to share with family and friends.

“When I relate what SkyMed did for us my friends are stunned that such a service is available,” said Mr. Williams. “They raise their eyebrows when I tell them SkyMed took us home in a jet. It’s almost as though they don’t believe it! Everybody who travels has to know about SkyMed.”

This survivor story will tug at your heartstrings.


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