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Kathleen Phelps
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I joined SkyMed right before I turned 65 because I knew I would need to get to the US to use my Medicare. Two years ago, I awoke with a pain in my lower left side. I thought if I ignored it, it would just go away, but it just got worse. By that evening I checked myself into an excellent hospital in Puerto Vallarta. They ran all the right tests, but came in to tell me they would have to operate and give me a colostomy. I thought, oh no, I do NOT want a colostomy!

At my request, I was released from the hospital and got home about 9:30 p.m. on a Friday night and called SkyMed. Jim Edwards answered and I said, “I don’t know if SkyMed can help me, but I need to get to the US to get a second opinion” and I told him the circumstances. He asked if I was ambulatory. I told him that I was and that I was no longer in pain.

Jim called me back five minutes later and told me to be at the Puerto Vallarta airport by 9 a.m. the next day and that a plane ticket was waiting for me. I said, “What do I do when I get to the US?” Jim advised me to contact my doctor immediately and go to the hospital. I did just that and the hospital did the same test and said that they didn’t think I needed surgery, but that I did have infected diverticulitis and medication was prescribed.

I returned to Puerto Vallarta and haven’t had a problem since and I did not have to have surgery or a COLOSTOMY! When I returned home I sent SkyMed the two receipts for my $40 (each way) taxi rides and was reimbursed within a week.

That’s why I’m a Rep for SkyMed today because I know they do exactly what they promise to do… They took me home when I needed to get to my Medicare coverage.

Thank You SkyMed!







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