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Traveling for work can be an exciting benefit to your job, however, you have to know how to prioritize your health while you’re away from home and office. Today, we’re sharing tips on how you can stay healthy during the times when it’s more difficult, like while you’re on a plane, working remotely, or traveling to a new place.

Maintain healthy habits:

While traveling, try to maintain your usual healthy habits. If you have a lot of work to do, it might be easy to convince yourself to stop exercising and eating well while you’re away. But if you travel often for work, it’s important not to drop your have healthy habits. No matter what you usually practice, like daily green juice, meditation, or running, be sure to make time for this while you’re away on a trip.

Try blue light glasses:

Blue light glasses are a great healthy option for those of you who travel often and work remotely. Snag a pair of blue light glasses to help protect you from the screen on planes when you want to watch a movie or TV show. Later, while you’re working remotely from your computer, the glasses can filter harmful blue light from that screen, too.

Get good sleep at night:

Just like maintaining your normal health habits, you should keep your sleep schedule the same as usual while traveling. Not sleeping in your own bed or trying to sleep on a plane can be difficult, so there are some tools you can bring along to help. Download a sound machine app to your phone to help drown out loud people on a plane or any city noise when you get to your hotel—and be sure to buy a neck pillow!

Stay hydrated:

Water has so many amazing benefits, so above all else, you should prioritize staying hydrated while you travel. Staying hydrated while you fly will help your skin stay moisturized and glowing. Plus, drinking enough water can also help you feel energized during an exercise and flushes your body’s waste, so you can feel your very best all throughout your work trip!

Take stretching breaks:

If you can’t make time for a workout while you’re away, then be sure to take stretching breaks while working or if you’re on a long flight. These quick and easy routines can help you stay energized, productive, and limber while you’re traveling or working remotely.

Be mindful of food intake:

It’s easy to let your eating habits change while traveling, especially if you’re going out for client dinners or staying at a hotel. When you’re on a plane, it may be smart to bring your own snacks, so you don’t eat too many complimentary pretzels! If you’re staying at a hotel, skip the Starbucks breakfast and try to go out for something hearty, healthy, and filling to get a good start to your day!

Get to know the area:

Traveling is an exciting privilege that should be taken advantage of! Discovering a new city or even new hot spots in a place you’ve been before can be stimulating for your mental health. Not only do you get some necessary “me time” by traveling solo and hitting up cafes or lunch spots to dine alone, but you can also reduce stress by walking around to explore this new and exciting place!

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