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Five Luxury Vacations On A Budget

Kassiopi Beach, Corfu Island, Greece.

“Luxury” and “budget” don’t always mix, but there are certain special occasions when taking the low-star road isn’t quite what you want—think proposals, anniversaries and honeymoons. However, they don’t need to be mutually exclusive. Here are some tips on how to enjoy luxury travel on a budget and live the high life while sparing your bottom line.

Go Airbnb… Anywhere

Deals on Arbnb for outstanding accommodations are there for the taking—you just have to do a little patient surfing. You can actually book a 16-room castle on the outskirts of Paris for about $153 US a night—very hard to beat! The Chateau de Miserai is a gorgeous country retreat with plenty of space for a grand family stay.

Book in the shoulder season

Europe is still absolutely gorgeous in the fall, after the summer crowds have thinned and before the winter chill sets in—that’s the famous shoulder season, the month or two in either direction between high seasons. Not only will you be spared the hordes of selfie-stick tourists and long lines at major attractions, but you’ll find accommodation prices and airfare have gone down. If you have the flexibility, we highly recommend this option for luxury travel on a budget.

Choose a staycation

Why not save yourself the airfare right off the bat and enjoy staying in your own back yard? The money you save can go to a fabulous weekend (think spa suite, massage, breakfast in bed… the full Monty!) For example, if you live in Phoenix, consider driving north a couple of hours to Sedona, where you can book a stay at a hotel right on Oak Creek Canyon or deep in the wilderness at a five-star spa resort—and get there for less than a tank of gas.

Make your dollars work for you

Beach getaways can be costly, but thanks to the strength of the US dollar you can enjoy affordable coastal vacations in far-flung—and not so far-flung—destinations. Think Corfu, Greece, for luxury travel on a budget: picking this island over the more popular jet-setting destinations of Mykonos and Santorini can score you some well-priced accommodations and restaurants that will be well within your budget. And, you’ll still be on a Greek island, enjoying a dream come true.

Use Your SkyMed Travel Membership

This is our best recommendation, hands down. Your SkyMed Travel Membership (Insider level) can help you save up to 70% on your hotel stay anywhere in the world. If you’re a SkyMed member, you already have a free Insider Membership! And if you’re not a SkyMed member, you can snag one of your own by attending one of our presentations as a guest of a Member, as a member of an organization that’s one of our Partner Sponsors, or simply paying the $99 club fee (another $99 will bump you up from Saver to Insider—worth every penny!)

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