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Gerald & Kathryn Line Leesburg, Florida

Gerald & Kathryn Line

Leesburg, Florida

Two weeks into our 30-day cruise in the Grand Canary Islands Gerald mysteriously began vomiting blood and was taken to the ship’s infirmary. They were unable to care for his needs and moved him to the closest private hospital on the island. I called Global ETS and reported the incident. While at the hospital they discovered Gerald had a bleeding ulcer which they cauterized and he started getting better. We thought we would be able to enjoy the rest of the cruise but Gerald had lost a lot of blood and went downhill quickly. He was given a blood transfusion but due to unsanitary conditions the transfusion site became severely infected and antibiotics had to be administered.

Then they found something wrong with his blood and the doctor told us a bone marrow biopsy was necessary and that Gerald needed to be taken by ambulance to the main hospital. We told him we wanted to go home but the doctor said to do that Gerald would need to be flown out by a private plane staffed with a medical team which would cost $90,000 up front! I called Global ETS again from the embassy and Global ETS talked to the embassy consulate and sent them a letter approving the evacuation from the hospital. Global ETS arranged our flight out which included a medical escort to accompany us all the way home to Florida.

How did you find out about Global ETS? We have a membership at Thousand Trails RV Park in Orlando and attended a SkyMed Takes You Home seminar. We travel a lot and bought a five-year plan that included Global ETS.

What would you tell your friends about your experience with Global ETS?  We have been on over a hundred cruises and never had an incident. This time things were different and we were so glad we had bought our SkyMed plan that included Global ETS coverage because without their help there’s no way we could have gotten home from Spain. We didn’t have to worry about anything because they organized and paid for everything and we were treated like royalty.

Through all of this Gerald was diagnosed with leukemia and will need chemo treatments from now on. We now consider the bleeding ulcer as a blessing in disguise since it could have been much longer before getting a true diagnosis. Every day is a blessing and we are so thankful for Global ETS!





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