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Every week I read so many interesting, enlightening and downright FUN travel blogs that I thought I should share my top five with you on a weekly basis. If you’re an armchair traveler, these bloggers will take you places. And if you’re an avid traveler, these folks will add things to your bucket list at a fast clip.

Read, enjoy and, as always, safe travels!

  1. A Luxury Travel Blog The tag line, “For Those Who Enjoy the Finer Things in Life,” neatly sums up what you’ll find on their pages. Founded by world traveler Dr. Paul Johnson, this award-winning blog has around (and around the world) for quite a while and has a great group of guest posters. One of my favorite posts, “Southern Hospitality: where to stay in the Deep South,” highlights some truly scrumptious stays in magnolia country. (Twitter: @Luxury__Travel)
  2. The Everywhereist Blogger Geraldine says about her work, “at its core, it’s a love letter to my husband,” who she decided to follow on his round-the-world-travel after she (happily) got laid off from her desk job. It’s a love letter we love to read. Her humor, her writing talent and her great photography skills are evident in every post. The latest had me rolling, you can’t miss it: “Exploring the Outer Reef, Part 1: The Flight” (Twitter: @everywhereist)
  3. Mexico Retold This lovely little blog is written by Susannah Rigg, whose love for Mexico is as bright and bold as the colors she chose for her site. She lives in the colonial city of Oaxaca, one of the country’s World Heritage Sites and rightly deserving of the honor. One of my fave posts is “Remembering the Little Reasons I Love Mexico,” an ode to a different way of life. (Twitter: @MexicoRetold)
  4. Flying With Fish Steven Frischling, AKA Fish, describes himself as a “globe hopping professional photographer, airline emerging media consultant working with large global airlines and founder of The Travel Strategist.” Not quite as warm + fuzzy as some of my other faves, Fish nonetheless gives me a straightforward, news-filled look at what’s going on in the travel world, spelling out pros and cons (and consequences). His latest, “Gov’t Wants To Fingerprint Travelers Leaving The U.S., Why It’s A Bad Idea,” is a perfect example. (Twitter: @flyingwithfish)
  5. Cruise Maven If you look closely at the Lido deck you’ll find Sherry Laskin baskin’ in the sun. Since 1994, this gal has cruised the world over with nary a flight involved, and her articles and pics have been featured in top travel pubs. Me? I totally love how she weaves her personal experience into her travels, as she did in her “Sentimental Journey” post, where she tells the story of how cruising became an indelible part of her life. Oh, and her tips are great, too!! (Twitter: @CruiseMaven)


Inspired? Go far, have fun, and tuck your SkyMed membership in your back pocket—just in case. 

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