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Travel and photography go together like peas and carrots. In my line of work, I’m fortunate enough to have met—whether in cyberspace or in person—an eclectic, very well traveled group of shutterbugs who publish their takes and tales on their own travel photography blogs.

Here’s a look at five of my faves—feel free to add your own in the comments section

  • Ken Kaminesky In answer to his latest entry, “Sunrise in Tuscany… Does the view get any better than this?” I’d really have to say “No way, José” (or would that be Guiseppe?) Ken takes some truly inspiring shots; best part is, you can learn to take your very own by joining him on his “Italy Dream Tour” photo workshop this October. I love how he sprinkles his posts with relevant quotes by famous people. They add a little je ne sais quoi to the writings and are all very well thought out. (Twitter: @KenKaminesky)
  • Eye & Pen Brandon Elijah Scott calls himself a “citizen of the world, a storyteller, a whiskey snob and a book zealot” who publishes a travelogue that’s a little bit business and quite a bit photography and introspection. He’s also generous with his experience, sharing great photography tips and even his gear list for those looking to follow his nomadic footsteps. I’ve been following his “Twenty Weeks of Travel” series, where he interviews some of the Web’s most influential travel bloggers, such as Mathew Krepnes of Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site. (Twitter: @EyeandPen)
  • Del Sol Photography Based in the Riviera Maya—one of Mexico’s better-known paradise destinations—Sol Tamargo, Matt Adcock and their crew have created one of the most brilliant wedding photography sites I have ever seen. One of their specialties is Trash the Dress, during which they put the Mexican Caribbean on full display. Think floating beauties in the crystal clear waters of a cenote, or a romantic kiss in the turquoise surf under stormy skies. I have to confess there’s not a whole lot of writing or introspection there, though they have a very useful Seasonal Guide for brides. I just couldn’t resist including them. (Twitter: @delsolphoto)
  • Wild About Travel Simon Falvo was always wild about travel, but didn’t begin her blog until she had served some 18 years in the corporate world. She keeps a toe in those waters as a digital communication specialist, but her passion is quite obvious (she calls himself a “travel addict”). I especially adore her “Travel Postcards” page, where she’s set up a series of snaps, each with a short description (she just started a monthly series of downloadable wallpapers – wow!) Look for travel musings, tips and, of course, pics galore. (Twitter: @1step2theleft)
  • Everything Everywhere Gary Arndt has done what some of us can only dream of doing: selling the house and heading out the door with nary a look back. He’s visited all 7 continents and has the stories to prove it—not to mention the pics. He also has one of the most extensive travel blog directories I’ve found, great for new finds. His well-organized blog even has a “Best Of” tab, where I recommend his “2012: A Year in Photography.” He has pics from Antartica and Argentina to California, Arizona and everywhere in between, and each once tells the kind of story that makes you want to jump in the frame. (Twitter: @EverywhereTrip)


Photo credit: Khánh Hmoong via photopin cc


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