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Testimonial: Sudden Heart Attack in FL Needs Open Heart Surgery in PA

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Richard & Rose Strayer  Pittsburgh, PA  While we were wintering in Florida earlier this year Richard suddenly couldn’t breathe and although he was not in pain we took him to the doctor. An EKG was performed and the doctor told us there was a big change from the EKG from last October and that Richard […]

Testimonial: After 3 Hospitalizations in FLA, Member Wants To Go Home To MI

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Donald & Thelma Preston Ypsilanti, Michigan While my wife and I were wintering in Zephyrhills, Florida, I discovered blood in my urine. I went to an Urgent Care doctor who treated me for an infection, but I didn’t get any better with antibiotics. Five days later I went to the ER and was admitted right […]

Testimonial: Jean & Robert Clouser, Groveland, FL

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“We were extremely well pleased with SkyMed’s handling of our request for service. Our initial idea was to have SkyMed insurance should my husband ever become unable to drive our motor home. But knowing that my medical situation was covered was a source of comfort. Hospital personnel were impressed, too.” Jean Clouser was hospitalized in […]