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survivor-story-stan-mary-schwenke-west-virginiaONLY THIRTY SECONDS TO ESCAPE!!! It was a beautiful summer day as Stanley and Mary Schwenke traveled down the West Virginia Turnpike on their way to an RV rally in Virginia. All of a sudden, they heard a big boom coming from the engine of their motorhome. Seconds later they heard another boom followed by a six-foot torch of flames that came bursting out of the right side of their RV near the exit door!There was no pullover lane and they were forced to stop in the middle of the right lane to get out quickly before the flames reached the exit door. The flames were so intense that they buckled the steel guard rail. Having only 30 seconds to escape, Mary fell in the motorhome and sustained a fracture to her right leg and a dislocated shoulder. She lost one of her shoes in the hurried exit and stepped on the very hot surface of the RV’s entrance step, causing third-degree burns to her left foot. They stood in shock and watched as their RV burned completely. Suddenly, the motorhome and the towed vehicle began rolling backward toward three lanes of backed-up traffic which could have jeopardized the safety of those in its path. Thankfully, the PT Cruiser they were towing jackknifed and rolled into the guard rail, stopping the backward path of the motorhome. Amazingly, the PT Cruiser received only minor damage.

Stanley said, “Mary is diabetic and was taken to a local hospital. After five days of intense pain and no real progress, we called SkyMed to take us to the burn center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin near our home. SkyMed acted immediately and the very next morning an ambulance came to take us to the airport where a twin-engine plane was waiting for us, along with a pilot and nurse. Three hours later, we were in Milwaukee where another ambulance was waiting. They took us directly to her room at the burn center without having to endure the long wait of admission through the emergency room and all the paperwork involved in that process. After another two weeks of intensive care, Mary was released to come home for further recuperation. Thanks to SkyMed, she got the care she needed and is now recovering. SkyMed also took care of having our PT Cruiser returned to our home.”

How did you find out about SkyMed and why did you choose SkyMed? Stanley said “We heard about SkyMed at a rally seven years ago and felt that it was a great deal. We not only became SkyMed members, but also became SkyMed reps so we could tell our friends about it. We have been members and reps since June of 2005. We thought it would help in case of an illness, never expecting that a fire would totally destroy our motorhome and have such an impact on our lives.”

What would you tell your friends about your experience with SkyMed? Stanley said, “We just can’t say enough about the great services SkyMed provided for us. And as SkyMed reps, we can now share our own personal testimonial at our SkyMed presentations, along with the testimonials of many others. We can honestly say that without SkyMed, my wife would not have survived to tell about it.” Stanley and Mary are members of the Wally Byam Caravan Club (WBCCI).

Without SkyMed $25,000

With SkyMed $0

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