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survivor-story-richard-mary-johnson-watertown-maRichard and Mary Johnson, from Watertown, Massachusetts, near Boston, were wintering at LaCasa Mobile Home Park in North Port, Florida and in April Richard had to have heart valve surgery. Their daughter, Deb, said, “Dad was not recovering from his surgery as expected, so each of my three brothers came down for about a week at a time to help my parents and then I came down on June 30th, 2012. Then on July 10th, Dad was admitted to the hospital again.”

“Two days later, on July 12th, I called SkyMed because I wanted to know what to do if we needed to get Dad back home to Boston and Jim Edwards told me to call him back once we find out what was happening with him. On July 26 Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and I called Jim back and told him and asked if SkyMed would help us get him back him for treatment, even though he was still ambulatory. We made some back and forth calls and within one hour Jim had booked a direct flight home for my Dad, my Mom, and for me and I was totally blown away!”

How did you find out about SkyMed and why did you choose SkyMed? Deb said, “Mom and Dad heard about SkyMed during a coffee and doughnut presentation in 2007 and decided to sign up. We never expected to hear the news about Dad or that we would ever need to use SkyMed’s services, but we’re so glad they decided to sign up that day. SkyMed helped us immediately and they were so good about it.”

What would you tell your friends about your experience with SkyMed? “Several people here at LaCasa Mobile Home Park know my parents and I’ve been telling them all about what happened and they were so amazed at how promptly the services were handled and how courteous they were. This is all so wonderful and we still can’t believe reservations were made for us to go home and it was done within one hour!”

On August 4th, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and their daughter, Deb, arrived at the airport for their direct flight home to Boston. Deb said, “The airline employees were waiting for us with a wheelchair as planned and when we got out of the car, we heard them say, ‘there’s the Johnsons’. It was so wonderful to get my parents situated on the plane before everyone else boarded and Dad and Mom did great on the flight. When we arrived at Logan, another skycap was waiting with a wheelchair for my Dad.”

Deb also says, “Dad is now an outpatient at Dana Farber Cancer Institute and hopes to be back at LaCasa Park by winter so he can personally share his SkyMed experience with everyone about how great SkyMed has been!”

The Johnsons have been SkyMed members since March of 2007.

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