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A Vagabundos Travel Club member and a SkyMed member since 09/01/02, Margaret developed acute gall bladder problems while vacationing in San Quintin, MX, a small town about 150 miles south of Ensenada, MX, and needed surgery as soon as possible.

The local hospital lacked the facilities to perform surgery, therefore the Lockwoods preferred not to have to stay in Mexico for the surgery. SkyMed was able to locate the Lockwood’s physician in Salmon Arm, British Columbia, and make arrangements for Margaret to be admitted to the hospital there.

Margaret was immediately transported the 150 miles by ambulance from San Quintin to Ensenada, and then flown that evening to Kelowna, BC, where she was transported via ambulance to her hospital in Salmon Arm for surgery.

Without SkyMed: $15,000

With SkyMed: $0


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