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Jokasta Geigel and her daughter, Caroline Geigel, were on vacation in St. Maarten. Caroline was attacked by a pit bull and was badly bitten on her face. In attempting to save her daughter, the dog also attacked Jokasta, biting her on her arm.

Jokasta wrote, “A pit bull attacked and bit my daughter Caroline. Her left eye was wounded, and my left arm was bitten.”

“I would like to say that I was sure glad I chose SkyMed as my Air Ambulance Supplement Plan. The staff was tremendously helpful and they worked as a team. They kept track of us all the time. The jet that brought my daughter and I had a doctor and nurse on board. They moved promptly, and communicated to me from the time they lifted off to the time we arrived. My family and I are so grateful for what they have done. I would say if it wasn’t for them my daughter would be blind today. We have recommended SkyMed to others with no doubt. Thank you SkyMed! ”


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