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Carolyn & Don Place
Clarkston, Michigan

When I realized my husband’s health would not allow me to drive him back to Michigan I called SkyMed for help. Jim Edwards answered my very first call. He was very reassuring, saying: “You have enough to be concerned with and we will do whatever is needed to get you both back to Michigan.” Apart from the paperwork I needed to provide to verify my husband’s condition and locations, SkyMed did it ALL!

SkyMed brought us home from the facility in Zephyrhills, Florida to the facility in Clarkston, Michigan, including our beloved therapy dog, Star. This was accomplished with the aid of a medical escort who was truly a blessing. She was well traveled and knew the most effective ways to make our air travel happen more smoothly. She took care of our carry-ons, our luggage and a big man in a wheelchair—plus me and a dog—and was always cheerful. God bless her! We flew non-stop from Tampa to Flint, Michigan with transportation provided all the way to make our transfer possible.

SkyMed also arranged for a professional driver to return our loaded Tahoe back to Michigan. The driver not only returned the car to us washed but she also added mirrors to our side view mirrors, enabling me to eliminate the blind spots, and it arrived only two days after we got home!

My husband and I have been Snowbirds for many years, traveling from Michigan to Travelers Rest RV Resort in Dade City, Florida. It was there that we first learned about SkyMed through the presenter, Jim Moss, who was also a good friend of ours. He shared the story about another mutual friend who had also been helped by SkyMed and we decided then that we needed it, too.

The reason we buy insurance is because we hope we are never going to need it. Thank God SkyMed was there when we needed it. They did everything and much more than we had expected. To SkyMed, a truly first-rate company, we say THANK YOU!!!










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