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(More) Green Travel Tips

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Green travel offers you a million (well, maybe we’re exaggerating a little) ways to have fun while you help the environment, and not all of them include forgoing the pleasures of a first-class vacation with all the perks. All you have to be is more aware and remember that every little step counts—no matter how […]

Green Travel Tips

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Green travel is a popular catchphrase that can encompass everything from sleeping under the stars with only natural mosquito repellant between you and the elements to traveling with all the creature comforts you’ve become accustomed to. Not sure how you can help? Here are some practical green travel tips that are easier to follow than […]

Green Travel Recommendations: Eco-Conscious Hotels

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With so many travelers’ eco consciousness at an all time high I had been contemplating a post on green travel and hotels that strive to give back to their communities, a topic near and dear to my heart. So I was quite inspired the other day when I participated in an online twitterchat that revolved […]