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One Day In Mazatlan

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To really get to know a city, you have to walk the streets, savor the food and, in the case of Mazatlan, drink the beer. While most of Mexico looks to Spain for its main influences, after the Mexican Revolution the influx of Germans and French into Mazatlan gave this city a bit of a […]

Interesting Facts About Mexico

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If you’ve already been south of the border or plan on going there, you’re not alone in your preference: according to the Department of Commerce, about 34% of an estimated 68.3 million US travelers going abroad visited Mexico. Whether you’re seeking fun in the sun, a more highbrow cultural experience or an eco-adventure worth writing […]

Sweet Indulgences in Morelia, Mexico

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I’m pretty sure the Spaniards that built the colonial city of Morelia, Mexico, were confectioners at heart. They just had to be: over 200 buildings in this charming historic center are built using pink stone and decorated with so many of arches, spires and domes that they bring to mind a very large, very stylish […]