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Luxury Travel On A Budget

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“Luxury” and “budget” don’t always mix, but there are certain special occasions when taking the low-star road isn’t quite what you want—think proposals, anniversaries and honeymoons. However, they don’t need to be mutually exclusive. Here are some tips on how to enjoy luxury travel on a budget and live the high life while sparing your bottom line. […]

6 Things You Need On Every Flight

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  These are more than just wants for your carry-on: at this point they’re needs, whether they’re for your protection, for hygiene purposes or simply to save your sanity. Proper Documentation All adults ages 18 and over need to have a property government-issued ID—this might seem like a given, but you’d be surprised how many […]

Why Book With A Travel Agent?

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Why Book With a Travel Agent? With a computer (or just your phone) and the Internet, the world is at your fingertips. Short trips, direct flights, discount hotels, easy car rentals… that and more are certainly there for the taking. Booking travel has never been easier—or better-priced—than when you book through your SkyMed Travel membership. But […]

Top Five Baby Boomer Blogs For Travelers

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  According to a recent study by the AARP, a whopping 99 percent of baby boomers are planning travel within the next year. International “bucket list” trips are especially hot, and where else to find inspiration but on the Internet? If course, we’re partial to our own SkyMed Explorer blog (thanks for reading!), but we […]

[INFOGRAPHIC] Christmas Holiday Travel Tips

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Christmas holiday travel getting you down? Don’t worry! Here’s a mini guide to help you get ready to go in no time. Just concentrate on your budget and how many days you have to get away, then follow these steps to organize your Christmas vacation in the best way possible. Safe travels! From Visually.

Travel Insurance: What It Does—And Doesn’t—Cover

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  According to the US Travel Association, US residents logged 1.7 billion “person-trips” for leisure purposes in 2015—a number that’s expected to go up for 2016. Many of those travelers add travel insurance to their trips as a matter of course; many more do not. But what exactly does that travel insurance cover and will […]